Thursday, May 30, 2013

Twisted Bandeau Bikini

It's now "unofficially" Summer! Even though my "bikini body" might not be in tip top shape, it's time to make some swimsuits! For Memorial Day weekend, we got to go up to Hot Springs, Arkansas and hang out with the family on the lake. If you have never been there, it's a must! Everything up there is so beautiful, the people are so nice and you'll never want to leave. While we were up there, our big love bug (my step-daughter) showed me this swimsuit top she liked. It was a twisted bandeau top, one side with a pattern and one side a solid was $30 just for the top!!!! She said "it's ONLY $30!" If you don't know by now, I'm insanely fruggle! I don't pay $30 for ANYTHING. Especially a swimsuit top. So, I told her instead of buying it I'll make one and go even further and make her an entire swimsuit for under $10...then I had to make myself one. Not to brag, but they came out pretty awesome!


1 1/2- 2 yards of Nylon Fabric (It's on sale right now at Hancock's! 40% OFF)
1/2 yard of Swimsuit Linning (on sale too!)
Corresponding Thread

First we'll start with the top. You need to take your bust measurement and make sure it's not too tight! You're going to make two strips of fabric to make the bandeau top. With your bust measurement, subtract 3 inches and that's how long each strip will be. To get the width, measure from where you want your swimsuit top to start on top to where you want it to end under your bust and double that measurement. Once your two long strips are cutout, fold in half lengthwise with right sides together, pin, zigzag stitch or serge, press your seams and turn right-side out.

 Now that you have two long strips, lay one out flat and fold it in half end to end. Take your other strip and pinch the center and lay it inside the fold of your other strip, going top to bottom.

Then take the ends of each strip and pull them out to their corresponding sides. 

The easiest way I found to hem the back of your swimsuit is first to zigzag stitch or serge each end closed (on mine, the black side closed then the stripped side closed) then put right sides of your swimsuit top together and serge or zigzag stitch your seam closed and press.

To make your swimsuit bottoms, find some bottoms you like and make a pattern from them. Make sure you make the crotch seams the same length on front and back! I made a mistake with that and had to add more fabric to make the seam correct. And make sure you leave room for seam allowance. Cut out your swimsuit fabric and your lining fabric.

To sew your bottoms together, sew the side seams and crotch on your swimsuit fabric and lining fabric with right sides together. To attach your lining to your swimsuit fabric, have your swimsuit fabric right-side out and your lining inside out. Slip your lining into your swimsuit bottoms, matching up your side seams and crotch seams. Pin along all sides so the lining and swimsuit bottoms will be pinned together. Then zigzag stitch or serge together.

Now that the swimsuit bottom and lining are together, turn it inside out and press over for your hem, pin then zigzag stitch closed.

Bam! Bam! Shazam! You've got a cute new swimsuit for a fraction of the cost you would buy one of these for! Hope you enjoyed this week's tutorial. Feel free to share and follow me on Pinterest where I post all the blogs @



  1. This top is super cute! I made mine with a different pattern and a solid and I cannot wait to wear it. Following your instructions though were hard. I took the correct measurements and subtracted three inches, but it ended up being too big. I kept having to take it in so it wouldn't fall down. The measurement for the width turned out to be fine. I bought a half yard of fabric each for the two strips and I had a lot left over plus what I kept having to take off. I sewed in cups to mine because I didn't see how someone wouldn't nip out violently without them. I also added straps for added support because it definitely would have fallen down without them. Overall very cute. It just would have been easier if the instructions were more detailed. The pictures were great though, very helpful.

  2. How much more (beyond the 3" shorter) did you end up taking off to make this properly snug?